Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the Beginning

I don't know when it all began. Maybe in second grade with my first two real chapter books, A bio on Christopher Columbus, and Gulliver's travels. Both good, and both lodged in my memory forever. Maybe it was when my Mom, another bookite through and through, handed me my first Nancy Drew novel. (oh that was a lovely day!) That Nancy, the pretty and lucky strawberry blonde girl, with the lawyer for a father (thus how she financed all those miss-adventures of hers), and was more clever then anyone else out there, got me really started. I don't think I stopped after that. There was always a book in my hand, bag, pocket, car, on my computer, from that point on. Some might say it's in my genes, as there isn't a person in my immediate or extended immediate family that doesn't enjoy reading. Just walk into the house of my childhood sometime. Your first impression will be "is your house always this clean?" (the answer is no, but we knew you were coming, so we did the highland reel of cleaning jobs. Just for youuuu!) But your second impression will absolutely be that you did not, in fact, walk into my home, but rather a Library, or more accurately, a used book store. There are LITERALLY books in every room in the house. Yes, to answer that question you would only dare to ask from the sequestered safety of your computer chair, the bathroom. I've always been comforted by this fact. Not necessarily having them in the bathroom, but I mean, just having so many! I love being surrounded by books! I have moved many times, and lived in many places, but they never felt like home until I unpacked and organized my bookshelf...s... That! That is the moment I know I'm home. I love the options that these cascades of books give me."Shall I read a classic today, or should I learn how to make chicken coops?" (not an unusual topic of book to find in our house.)It's a guarantee, a promise that I will never be bored. How can people get bored? So what, there's nothing on TV? Read a book. So what, it's raining outside? Read a book! So what, my friends are all busy? Read a book! So what, my taxes are being raised? Read a...oh well, there I'd say write your congressman, cuz that's really the only way to solve that one, but, I think you may have gotten my point by now. BOOKS ARE WONDERFUL! So, for a long time now, my mother, who is also an English teacher along with being a bookite, has tried to encourage me to write. My creed has always been 'Those who can, write. Those who can't, Read." I am the latter. But She's encouraged, and encouraged, and ENCOURAGED! And finally gave me a valid idea. (well, no, she's given me thousands of those over the past 26 years, but this one is the point of this paragraph) I read so much, and talk about the books that I've read, CONSTANTLY, (and not always to willing listeners. I am ted mosby.)so she suggested I start a(nother) blog, reviewing the things I love so much. . . . Okay. . . . I Guess I could do that...So here it is. Well, here is the intro. The reviews will begin tomorrow. I already have my first few books ready to review, so this blog, I promise, will have more then just the inaugural post! I am going to try to do a variety of books. Tho most will tend to be novels. I may even take requests. If there is a book that you saw that you think looks interesting, but want to know if it's worth your time, send it my way. Or if you have suggestions, on books you thought were good, must reads, let me know those too! I'm very excited about this, and I hope ya'll will enjoy it too!


  1. I'd like to see a review of The Hunger games as I haven't read the book or seen the movie

    1. Great suggestion! I have read and love those books! I will absolutely review those!